My Podcast Project

Podcasting Project

People of the town!

Main objective:  By the end of the semester/year each participant will have presented another person from the local community by conducting an interview with them. 

Level:  Intermediate

Class type: Secondary

Aim:  Creation of a community profile site/cd, highlighting people and stories from the local community. 

Activity Focus:  Speaking, reading, writing

Time: Maximum 20 to 30 minutes.

Material:  Computer with internet access/headphones


  1. Teacher sets up a blog named “People of ____(the respective town/city)____”.  
  2. Teacher shows students how to use Audacity.  
  3. Teacher shows students how to use Podbean as he/she sets up an account and uploads an introductory message with a photo.  
  4. Teacher show students how to embed the Podbean files on the blog.
  5. Student pick from a hat, which week they need to do the assignment.
  6. Each week two of the students must each choose someone from the local community to interview and clear the questions with the teacher. 
  7. The following week the two students must organize, with the teacher’s help if necessary, a time to do the interview.  The interview must contain at least 5 questions and must last from 20-30 minutes.  The interview must be conducted using skype. 
  8. The students must add a jingle for beginning, middle, and end using audacity.  
  9. The students then must upload their podcast to podbean
  10. The students must then embed their podbean on the class blog.  
  11.  The students may also add a picture of the person they interviewed as long as they have consent. 
  12. If the person they interviewed does not speak English, the student can do the interview in their native language and translate the transcript.

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